layout design / photography / printing & book binding / product photography
This was a hybrid photography and design project exploring the photographic book as a medium. The objective of this project was to shoot, design, craft, sew, and bind a photographic book. There are two copies of the book. Each copy is 40 pages, sewn in signatures of 8, and hardbound by hand.

For my concept, I chose to focus on the work of Portland Street-Artist RxSkulls. Street art is an ever-changing art form. By using the photobook medium I was able to showcase street art in a way that is normally reserved for traditional art. I encourage the viewer to re-assess their perception of street art and it's place in the art world. 

Preparing pages to be sewn

When this project was finished, I sent one copy of the book to RxSkulls as a token of my appreciation for his art.
Check out his instagram @rxskulls
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